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NeedSteel is the first-of-its-kind platform that helps demand and supply find a meeting point, anonymously, quickly, and securely!


The buyer, completely free of charge and with no obligation, submits a quote request for the materials they need, selected through a convenient pre-loaded catalog.


The registered Supplier, which during registration has selected the relevant categories, recieves a notification of a new anonymous quote request, which might be of interest. In advance, the Supplier can know details such as the type of material, quantity requested, credit rating of the buyer, and the province of the request. If they choose to view it, they will have access to complete data and can respond with their quotation.


To the buyer, as soon as 20 responses are received and in any case no later than 3 hours after submitting the request, all supplier quotes will be delivered, along with their contacts and available company profiles. Through a dedicated Comparator, the Customer can view and select various quotes based on different filters of interest, such as price, delivery time, and distance. Using these parameters, they can build their customized quote, ensuring the best combination of products and Suppliers according to their needs.


After selecting the products they want to purchase, the Customer will proceed to submit the Purchase Order Request to the Supplier (or various Suppliers) listed on their customized quote.


As soon as the Supplier takes charge of the purchase order, Need Logistic will handle organizing the transportation of the goods, providing the supplier with a discharge of logistic responsibilities.

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